Safety Tips to Avoid a House Fire


Safety Tips to Avoid a House Fire

When you were in school, you probably remember all of the drills and training you did in case there was a fire. After all, the priority is getting everyone out safely if a fire breaks outs. Plus, each household should have a fire exit strategy in place in case there is a house fire as well. That being said, there are measures you can take to prevent house fires in the first place.

Pro-Klean Cleaning & Restoration Services offers the best restoration and remediation services in the North Haven area. Our team has over 35 years of experience helping homeowners when disasters strike, such as a house fire, a flood, or a wind storm. Our family-owned restoration company offers quick estimates and turn around times so you can be back on track in no time. Below, we'll take a look at some safety tips to avoid a house fire. Contact our team for a free quote today!


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Install and Test Your Smoke Detectors Regularly

First, it's important that your home has smoke detectors in every room. If not, this should be your first priority. Most modern homes all come standard with smoke detectors, so this should only be the case if you have an older home. Then, it's important to remember to test your smoke detectors regularly. Most run off your electricity but have batteries as backup power. Usually, your smoke detectors will beep when it's a low battery. However, it's a good idea to get into the habit of replacing your smoke detector batteries every year.

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Look for Fire Hazards in Your Home

It's a good idea to walk about your home with an eye for fire hazards. You'll most definitely notice things you wouldn't have otherwise. Things to look for include items around heat sources, such as your heating vents, radiators, or space heaters. If you burn candles, make sure there is nothing flammable around them. If you use a hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, electric blanket, or anything else that produces heat, be aware of what is around it. Remove any fire hazards so your home will be safe and sound.

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Check Your Kitchen

There's no doubt that a lot of home fires are caused in the kitchen. This can be due to homeowners leaving the kitchen while they cook something on the stovetop, having combustible food on the stovetop when it is in use, or forgetting to unplug electrical appliances, such as home grills and waffle makers. Paper towels or cloth rags can catch fire quite easily when accidentally left on a hot burner. So, too, can your clothes. Fire needs heat to start, so be aware of what produces heat in your kitchen and then what is around it and/or in it.

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Inspect Your Electrical System

Admittedly, there is a lot to your electrical wiring that you probably don't know. However, you don't need to be an expert to look for such things as frayed cords, exposed wiring, and loose electrical outlets. Wiring and cords can be damaged with time and by pests who love to chew through them. If you notice odd things with your electrical system, such as frequent flickering lights, discolored wall outlets, or sparks from an outlet, you should call a local electrician for an inspection. Electrical fires are a leading cause of house fires, so staying up-to-speed on your electrical system is prudent, indeed.

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Invest in Dryer Duct Cleaning

Surprisingly, dryers do cause a lot of house fires in the United States. This is because the lint that dryers collect from your clothing is extremely flammable, and since your dryer uses heat, this can catch on fire. Cleaning your lint screen after every load is crucial to preventing house fires. However, it's extremely important to remember to invest in dryer duct cleaning on a regular basis in order to clean the accumulated lint as well.


Pro-Klean Cleaning & Restoration Services is a fire restoration company located in North Haven. Our expert technicians have over 35 years of experience in helping you if you experience a house fire. Fire damage to your home can be catastrophic or it can be minor, or anywhere in-between. Our team can help.

We'll come in and do a thorough evaluation of your fire damage. We'll work with your insurance company so that they have the documentation they need in order to cover your damage. We can handle all of your fire damage needs, from the smoke damage to any water mitigation from any fire extinguishing methods. Plus, we also offer home renovations if part of your home was completely destroyed. Our mission is to be able to handle all of your fire restoration needs easily, so you can focus on reclaiming your life after this loss.

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