How to Safely Evacuate Your Home During a Fire


How to Safely Evacuate Your Home During a Fire

Most people know that they need an escape plan for their home in case a fire breaks out. However, putting one together can be a real challenge, especially if you have pets and smaller children who can't necessarily remember instructions to follow or even get themselves out of their rooms easily.

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Don't Get Fire Alarm Fatigue

Many people ignore fire alarms due to the plethora of false alarms. This can cause significant delays in your escape if you ignore a fire alarm during a real fire. Anytime you hear your fire alarm, always take immediate steps to see what it is going off and to fix the problem. Don't assume that it is going off for no reason.

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Get Out; Don't Put Out

You should never try to put a fire out yourself unless it is very small and in one location. If you have a fire extinguisher, you may use that. However, fire extinguishers are meant only for small fires, not large ones. If you have any doubt as to your ability to put out a fire, get out and let the professionals handle it instead.

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Don't Panic

While it's easy to say this when it's not the heat of the moment, you need to stay calm and not panic during a fire. This is where having a fire evacuation plan in place can help. You will know immediately what to do, and sometimes, your training will take over.

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Check Door Handles

You probably heard this one in school, but it's worth repeating. Make sure you check your door handle before opening the door. If it's hot, it means the fire is close by, and you may have to find another exit, such as a window, in order to evacuate.

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Use The Stairs

Never take an elevator during a fire. Elevators can go out if the power is cut, causing them to stop working and trap whoever is in them.

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Your family should decide on a meeting point if you are all getting out yourselves. That way, you can know if anyone is still inside. If you have small children, decide who will be helping them out. In sum, you need to be sure you have a designated meeting place so that everyone can know if everyone is safe.

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Have Two Exit Points

Since a house fire can be anywhere in the house, it's important that you find two ways out in case one way is blocked by fire. This includes windows, too. Be sure that everyone can open all of your home's windows, too.

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Plan For A Stay

Sometimes, you won't be able to exit your home if there's a fire. Knowing what to do in your home until emergency personnel can arrive is critical to survival. You'll need to place a towel under the door to block smoke from entering your room. You'll need to open up a window for fresh air. Having wet towels to breath through if there is excess smoke will be crucial, as well as to wear if fire threatens.

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Practice your fire exit plan at your home about once a year as a refresher for everyone to keep everyone safe from fire.


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