Why DIY Mold Removal Is Never a Good Idea

Why DIY Mold Removal Is Never a Good Idea

If you detect mold growth in your home, it can be tempting to try to tackle the problem yourself with some bleach and a scrub brush. However, DIY mold removal can be dangerous and ineffective, leaving you in a worse position than when you started. Today, we’re sharing some of the reasons why you should always trust a professional restoration company like Pro-Klean to handle mold remediation in your home. Learn more below!

4 Health Problems Caused by Mold Infographic
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Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

First, you may not be aware of the safety precautions required to protect yourself and your family during the remediation process. On top of that, using the wrong cleaning products or methods can lead to ineffective removal, further exacerbating the problem. A professional mold remediation company in Connecticut, on the other hand, has the specialized knowledge, experience, and equipment to rid your home of mold once and for all.

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Risk of Exposure

When disturbed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, mold spores can spread throughout your home and cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and other health problems. At Pro-Klean, we take every precaution to minimize the spread of mold spores while we work, safely and effectively removing the source from your home.

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Hidden Mold Growth

Mold can grow and spread in hidden areas of your home, making it almost impossible for a typical homeowner to detect and remove completely. Our mold remediation process, on the other hand, takes advantage of industry-leading technology to locate hidden mold growth and eliminate it entirely. We can also inspect your property for potential moisture problems that cause mold growth in the first place!

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Legal Issues

In the event that you sell your home, the law requires you to disclose any mold issues you had in the past. If you did your own DIY mold remediation, you may not have addressed the issue adequately, which can set you up for legal trouble down the road. Not only does the team at Pro-Klean provide professional mold remediation services to negate this problem, but we also provide thorough documentation of our work to avoid any legal complications in the future.

For something as serious as mold, you should leave the cleanup to the professionals. Pro-Klean offers high-quality and affordable mold remediation services throughout Connecticut, so contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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