Common Types of Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup Services

Common Types of Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup Services

When it comes to cleaning up biohazard materials and trauma scenes, it’s important to understand the severity of these situations. These types of environments require specialized cleaning techniques to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including the cleanup crew and any potential occupants of the area. Pro-Klean has been offering our top-rated restoration services in North Haven and Connecticut since 1986. Learn more about our biohazard and trauma cleanup services below, and contact us today.

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Some of the most common types of biohazard and trauma scenes that require specialized cleanup services include blood spill cleanup, crime scene cleanup, sewer backups, hoarding situations, and more.


Blood Spill Cleanup

Blood spill cleanup services are typically needed when a crime is committed in Connecticut, or there is an accident resulting in injuries that lead to blood loss. The potential risks associated with bloodborne pathogens make it essential to hire a professional company such as Pro-Klean that has the necessary training and equipment to contain and disinfect the hazardous materials.


Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup services are another important aspect of biohazard and trauma cleanup. A crime scene can be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials, making it essential to hire our experts who are trained in the proper handling, transportation, and disposal of these dangerous materials.


Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are another common problem that requires biohazard and trauma cleanup services in Connecticut. These backups can introduce harmful bacteria and toxins into a building, creating an unsafe environment for occupants. Our professional restoration company will use specialized equipment to remove the contaminated materials and restore the space to a safe and livable condition.



Hoarding situations often require biohazard and trauma cleanup services due to the accumulation of debris and potentially infectious materials in the home. These situations can also bring about health risks from mold, fecal matter from animals, and other hazards.

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