4 Ways Pro-Klean Can Restore Your Home

4 Ways Pro-Klean Can Restore Your Home

Pro-Klean uses restoration and remediation services to restore homes, condos, apartments, and other residential structures that have been damaged. Restoring your home will not only return it to its pre-damaged state but will also make the space safe for you and your family. Here are four different services that we offer to help restore your home.


Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home has been impacted by a fire, Pro-Klean is here to help. Our team is able to help restore your home from damage caused by a fire, including any burning, smoke, and water damage. We even offer our fire restoration services for emergencies and are available 24/7 emergency restoration and cleanup services. Learn more about our fire and smoke damage restoration services in Connecticut and then get in touch with us immediately if you need restorative assistance in this area.


Water Damage Restoration

Has your home been impacted by water damage from a flood or another cause? Pro-Klean is here for you! Our water restoration services include water extraction and removal using our state-of-the-art equipment, and drying and dehumidifying services for your carpets, rugs, walls, floors, ceilings, and more. Our dehumidifying services are also available for preventative maintenance, to keep mildew, odor, and airborne contaminants under control. Learn more about our water damage restoration services in Connecticut.


Home Remodeling Services

Our general home remodeling services are a great way to restore your home back to its original condition after it has been damaged. Whether it's from a work of nature, such as a tree falling, or something else entirely, rely on the team at Pro-Klean. We’ll work with you to remodel and/or restore your home to get it back into shape and look better than ever before. Learn more about our home remodeling and restoration services.


Mold Remediation

Having mold in your home is no fun — rely on Pro-Klean for mold remediation and testing services when you need them. Whether you suspect mold or not, we’re here to help ensure that once our work is done, your home is mold-free. Learn more about mold and our mold remediation services in Connecticut.

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