4 Places to Check For Mold in Your Home

4 Places to Check For Mold in Your Home

While there may not be noticeable signs of mold yet, it could be lurking somewhere in your home. At Pro-Klean, we offer mold remediation and restoration services in Connecticut, serving North Haven and surrounding areas. Whether you’re suspicious of it being there or not, here are four places to check every once in a while, to ensure that mold is not present in your home.



As it is underground, your basement is likely dark and wet, making it a great place for mold to grow. Additionally, for many, the basement is one of the least used rooms in the house, so it’s often not checked for things like mold and the usually obvious signs might not be so obvious. On the contrary, many use their basements to house things like washing machines, which need water and could lead to the growth of mold — especially in the case of forgetting about wet laundry! To check for mold in your basement, just ensure that you are taking regular visits down there, checking all corners and areas near pipes or other water sources, and noting any changes in smell, or visible signs of water and/or mold.



Many garages are unfinished rooms and do not have properly finished floors and/or walls. When water is introduced to such a room, it could definitely lead to mold. What’s more, many people tend to leave wet items in the garage, such as sprinklers, hoses, buckets, and so on. Same as with your basement, if you don’t tend to go into your garage often, be sure to do a full walk-through of your garage about once a season, making note of any signs of potential mold.



Bathrooms are a great place for mold to grow since they are so humid and plenty of water is used there. More specifically, black mold is often found in bathrooms, which is a very stubborn mold that cannot go away by simply scrubbing it. Whether you use a bathroom every day or it’s a guest bathroom, mold could be growing without you knowing. While many cases of mold in the bathroom are noticeable, some may not be, and it is important to check the following places in your bathroom for mold regularly:

  • Inside cabinets and drawers

  • Around shower fixtures

  • In and around tile and tile grout

  • Behind the mirror(s)

  • Behind and inside the toilet seat and tank

  • Under, around, and behind any decorative furniture (such as over-the-toilet shelves, corner racks, etc.)



Similar to any bathroom in your home, your kitchen is another commonly-used area that comes into contact with a lot of water and is thus susceptible to mold growth. Additionally, with the presence of food, there are different types of mold that can grow in your kitchen. Even if you are regularly using and cleaning this area, you may not realize that mold is growing. Here are some important places to check in your kitchen for mold:

  • Inside and underneath cabinets (especially ones under the sink) and drawers

  • Inside and behind the refrigerator, stove

  • Inside and around your sink/garbage disposal

  • Countertops, especially where they meet the wall or with cabinets


After checking these places and other places around your home, if you do find mold, be sure to contact us for remediation services immediately. Having mold removed and cleaned from your home as soon as possible is important for preventing the spread of mold around your home and on your furniture, and potentially making you, your family, and pets sick. Contact Pro-Klean in Connecticut today for fast, reliable, and top-quality mold remediation services and more.

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