4 Dos and Don'ts of Water Damage Restoration

4 Dos and Don'ts of Water Damage Restoration

Whether it’s from a heavy rainstorm or a severe plumbing problem, water damage in your home can be a nightmare to deal with. Pro-Klean provides comprehensive water damage restoration services throughout Connecticut, but did you know that there are several things you can do (and a few you shouldn’t) before we arrive?

These dos and don’ts are vital to minimizing damage and maximizing safety in the event of a water damage disaster, so we encourage you to read more below. Our priority is keeping Connecticut homeowners informed about all things related to restoration, so they can make better decisions about their home’s health and safety. If you have any questions while reading through today’s article, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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man turning off power

DO Turn Off the Power

Water and electricity don’t mix well. When there’s standing water in your home, electricity can course through it and turn any waterlogged areas into a serious hazard. Therefore, one of the best actions you can take is to turn off your home’s power at the source, provided it is safe to do so. This can prevent any electrical shock or fires from occurring until professional help arrives.

flooded basement

DON’T Enter a Flooded Area

Rogue electrical currents can certainly make flooded areas of your home dangerous, but even if you turn off the power, you still shouldn’t wade into the water. Depending on the cause of the flood, the water might be contaminated with waste that could be detrimental to your health. Moreover, the water could compromise the structure of your home, making it unstable and unsafe to be in.

vacuuming up water

DO Remove Excess Water

If there’s only a small amount of standing water in your home, and you can verify that it’s safe to interact with, then you can go ahead and start removing it. Towels, mops, or even a wet/dry vacuum can soak up the excess water, helping to prevent mold growth and further damage. For bigger disasters, however, we recommend that you enlist the help of our restoration specialists in Connecticut.

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DON’T Wait To Call for Help

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage restoration. That’s why the experts at Pro-Klean offer emergency restoration services to help you when you need them most. We’ll arrive promptly with state-of-the-art equipment to remove the water from your home and begin the drying and restoration process. The sooner you call us, the faster you can get your life back to normal!

Dealing with water damage can be stressful, but following these tips can help ensure that your home is restored to its original state as quickly and safely as possible. And don’t forget — for the best water damage restoration services in Connecticut, look no further than the team at Pro-Klean. Not only do we restore your home, but we also restore your peace of mind. Contact us today to get started!

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